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  12:37:00 am, by admin   . Categories: internal notes finally mobile friendly (and secure)

Today I have finally upgraded the's blogging software (b2evolution, not Wordpress!) and made its templates mobile friendly. So, now, finally, no longer looks so weird when you visit it with your mobile phone. In my… more »


The new Anthropology Newspaper and News Ticker

Do you want to get an overview over the most recent anthropology blog posts? The old newsticker did no longer work reliably, so I've created a new one. It is still work in progress, but so far it seems to work well. I tried to make it look more attracti… more »


  00:30:00, by admin   . Categories: internal notes

10 years and what about the future?

Although it was ten years ago I started this blog and anthropology portal, I am not sure if there is something to celebrate. The website has been more or less dormant for nearly two years now. Despite several attempts to start up blogging again, I faile… more »


  23:20:00, by admin   . Categories: internal notes

The new announcement blog

Call for papers or films? Interesting events? Jobs and scholarships? now has its own multilingual announcement blog at As some of you might have noticed, I've taken down the old bulletin… more »


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Now I am a truly engaged anthropologist!

I wanted to write this post long time ago. As you might have noticed, there haven’t been any new posts on this blog since the 24th of October last year. So what has happened? Well, at about the same time I wrote my last blog post, the most wonderf… more »


  16:07:00, by admin   . Categories: internal notes

I'm upgrading

I'm about to upgrade the blog engine ( is powered by b2evolution) and I hope everything will work fine, but you never know, upgrading can get tricky. In any case, the blog will be unavailable for at least for a few minutes during the upgr… more »


  12:40:10, by admin   . Categories: internal notes

Thank You! was recently voted as one of the best anthropology blogs. Jason Antrosio, editor of Living Anthropologically and Anthropology Report asked his readers to pick their three favorites among 120 anthropology blogs. I’m especially… more »


New: Search Open Access Anthropology Journals

I've reorganized the overview over open access journals and added a search feature. Now you can search the contents of around 100 journals in anthropology and related fields. It seems to work, have a try! more »

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