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Interview: "Researching fashion means researching inequalities"

Anthropologist Tereza Kuldova, author of many book reviews here on has recently defended her PhD-thesis Designing Elites: Fashion and Prestige in Urban North India". Now she has turned her thesis into a museum exhibition and an edited volume called Fashion India. Spectacular Capitalism. Researching fashion means researching society and economic systems at large, she explains in this interview. In her case studying fashion means especially studying inequalities more »


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Consuming Space: On "blood timber", chewing gum, and free roaming hens

Book Review. Consuming Space: Placing Consumption in Perspective edited by Michael K. Goodman, David Goodman & Michael Redclift. Ashgate, 2010. Tereza Kuldova, PhD Fellow, Department of Ethnography, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo Chicken i… more »


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Lookism: Why we don't want to be perceived as "ugly" or "different"

The book The Power of Looks deals with one of those topics that impact all of us in our everyday lives every single day, one way or another. Namely our prejudices and conceptions of beauty and attractiveness and the ways in which we act on those and discriminate people based on their looks. more »


Writing an anthropological detective story - Interview with Nancy Scheper-Hughes Part 3/3

By Aleksandra Bartoszko. Oslo University Hospital, Equality and Diversity Unit See part I of the interview Being radical critical without being leftist and part II The global trade with poor people's kidneys Nancy Scheper-Hughes is currently… more »


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"Difficult to read, chaotic, bothering conclusions"

Aleksandra Bartoszko reviews HIV Is God’s Blessing. Rehabilitating Morality in Neoliberal Russia by Jarret Zigon more »


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Criticizes "scholarly and political indifference toward the workers’ lives"

Mass media and intellectuals have typically portrayed them as aggressive, uneducated, and morally spoiled. In his recent book, anthropologist David A. Kideckel challenges these views and lets the Romanian working class speak for themselves. "Most eas… more »


Here they are: Open access anthropology books!

More and more journals have gone open access, now it's time for open access books! OAPEN - Open Access Publishing in European Networks is an initiative in Open Access publishing for humanities and social sciences monographs. Several European univers… more »


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Book review: No fashion outside the "West"?

"The subject of fashion in non-Western world is largely understudied. The whole research community is to be blamed for viewing fashion too narrowly", Tereza Kuldova writes in her new book review for She has read a new book on fashion st… more »

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