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How scholars in the Middle East developed anthropology more than 1000 years ago

Anthropology emerged in a relatively high scientific level in the wider Middle East before it existed as a discipline in the West. Therefore, the label of colonialism often coupled to its emergence must be removed. This is the main point of an articl… more »


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What the burial of a 4 year old boy says about daily life more than 24 000 years ago is mainly about social anthropology. To broaden our perspective, here is an archaeology paper that Lukas Loeb sent me. Loeb is currently a student in the Social Science and Economy Department at the University of Agder, Norway. The… more »


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Book review: The deep footprints of colonial Bombay’s main book reviewer Tereza Kuldova has read another book for us.“One wonders how little has changed”, she writes in her review of the book The Making of an Indian Metropolis: Colonial Governance and Public Culture… more »


- Highlight the connections between people!

It happened already around 200 years ago: Aboriginal Australians marry Indians. Afghan cameleers open up the interior of Australia for transport and development. Indian seamen fight for Indonesian independence. And long before Australia was colonised by… more »


Colonialism, racism and visual anthropology in Japan: Photography, Anthropology and History part II

Here is the second part of the review of the book Photography, Anthropology and History, edited by Christopher Morton and Elizabeth Edwards. This time, Tessa Valo reviews Ka F. Wong's article about one of the first Japanese anthropologists, who beca… more »


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Book review: Photography, Anthropology and History (Part I)

When filming people became possible, anthropologists began to drift away from it. Though better off than at the beginning of the 20th century, the visual anthropology today is still perceived as a marginal discipline, Tessa Valo writes in the first part… more »


Oral history, folk music and more: British Library puts vast sound archive online

Wow! Overwhelming! The British Library has made more than 23 000 sound recordings from all over the world freely available to everyone at "World and traditional music", "oral history", "accents and dialects", "environment and natu… more »


Interview with Benedict Anderson: Being a cosmopolitan without needing to travel

During my research for the new overview over open access anthropology journals, I made many great discoveries. I'll try to present some of them. One of the discoveries was Invisible Culture. An electronic journal for visual culture. The most recent is… more »

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