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Global apartheid: Are you expat or immigrant? (updated)

What comes into your mind, reading the following lines?"We tend to gather in certain locales (cities, sometimes specific neighbourhoods); we frequent particular businesses - some of the services being unique to our community; we have dedicated media,… more »


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"Dreamtime" no longer an acceptable term

The West Australian and South Australian education departments have made lists of appropriate and inappropriate words to describe Aboriginal people and culture, The Australian reports.- Dreamtime is no longer an acceptable term to describe the collec… more »


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Discovered the first-ever linguistic link between Siberia and Canada

While studying an ancient language now spoken by only a few hundred people in a remote corner of Siberia, linguist Edward Vajda has found the first-ever linguistic link between the Old World and any First Nation in Canada, the Ottawa Citizen reports. "T… more »


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"Putting Aboriginal languages on the curriculum has improved 'race' relations"

He's not an aboriginal Australian. Nevertheless he has to learn the local indigenous language. He and many other children say it's fun. Teachers, parents and linguists say it is improving self-esteem, literacy and school attendance, rescuing indigenous l… more »


New website helps save Kenai Peoples language (Alaska)

Their language is nearly dead. Maybe a new website can revitalize Kahtnuht'ana Qenaga: The Kenai Peoples Language in Alaska? For more than two years, the two anthropologists Alan Boraas and Michael Christian have taken pictures, navigated through HTML an… more »


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Inuit language thrives in Greenland

In the 1960s and 1970s, elders in Greenland feared their language would be lost. Today, the vast majority of Greenlanders - 92 per cent - are fluent in their native tongue. Inuit language thrives in Greenland, Nunatsiaq News reports: You can find a co… more »


Six reasons for bad academic writing

Sociologist Lars Laird Eriksen has written an interesting blog post about why academic texts often are so badly written. When academics try to write, it often becomes so full of jargon and it's a turture for the reader. So why is this so? Here's his… more »


New Ethnography: The Deaf People - A Forgotten Cultural Minority

It is insufficient to understand deaf people as disabled. Most deaf people rather see themselves as members of a cultural and linguistic minority. They are proud of their culture. And they face identity obstacles similar to those faced by many other mino… more »

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