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Terror in France and ISIS' Revolution: Anthropologists try to see the whole picture

After the deadly terror attack in France, people in the West have gotten a chance to get a glimpse of the fear that people in less priviledged countries that are bombed by the West. In theory there is a slight possibility for some kind of solidarity or… more »


"Religion in Digital Games": Relaunch of Open Access journal "Online"

New special issue "Religion in Digital Games" - The interdisciplinary open access journal "Online. Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet" has just been relaunched and redesigned. more »


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The Cairo massacre and How to invent "religious conflicts"

It is both interesting and disturbing to see how the event has been covered by international mainstream media in comparison to local (social) media. International media has framed the clashes mainly as a religious conflict while they also could have chosen a totally different perspective: instead of “Muslims against Christians”, they could have chosen “the army against the people”. more »


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Terror in Oslo: Who cares about Christian right wing extremism?

While politicians and social scientists have directed all their attention towards "islamist" terror groups, right-wing extremist milieus were able to grow unnoticed.Memorial Art. Photo: Agnar Kaarbø, flickr (draft) Oslo like a war zone,… more »


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Muslim Christmas Parties in Egypt = Celebration of religious diversity?

“I have been invited to at least four Christmas parties this year, and three of them are being held by Muslims. This is the first time I've felt such a huge emphasis on Christmas,” 33-year-old investment banker Osama Abdelshafy says.Hotels in Egypts… more »


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Book review: Religious globalization = Engaged cosmopolitanism?

Can studying religious movements give us new insights into globalisation or even cosmopolitanism? Anthropologist Tulasi Srinivas thinks so. book reviewer Tereza Kuldova has taken a closer look at Srinivas' new book Winged Faith: Ret… more »


Theology's turn to Ethnography: New OA journal "Practical Matters"

I've stumpled upon a rather new Open Access Journal called Practical Matters. This publication of Emory University is both interdisciplinary and "intermedia", i.e. multimedia. The most recent issue (nr 3) is called Ethnography & Theology. In t… more »


Thesis: That's why there is peace

The Rumi Darwaza ("the Turkish Gate") in Lucknow. Foto: Himalayan Trails / Rajesh, flickr Why are some areas of this world more peaceful than others? In her master’s thesis Networks That Make A Difference, anthropologist Tereza Kuldova explai… more »

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