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Anthropologists condemn the use of terms of "stone age" and "primitive"

Good news: British anthropologists take part in public debates. The ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists) issued a statement where they "condemn the use of terms like 'stone age' and 'primitive' to describe tribal and indigenous peoples alive toda… more »


"There's no AIDS here because men and women are equal"

Along the northern border between Botswana and Namibia, in a region of Africa that is raging with AIDS, a small society of some 3,000 souls, the Ju/'hoansi (or !Kung) is living virtually free of HIV infection. According to research by anthropologist Rich… more »


Thesis: Conservation for Whom? Telling Good Lies in the Development of Central Kalahari

Anna Stadler from Linköping University, Department of Anthropology (Sweden) has conducted a study of the relocation of the G//ana and G/wi San from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. Her essay discusses how conservation policies, development… more »


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Mining and tourism more important: Bushmen forcibly removed from Central Kalahari

(via Savage Minds) All but a few of the Bushmen living in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve have been forcibly removed from their homes in recent days in what spokesmen for the affected communities said is a final push by the government to end hum… more »


Eating Christmas in the Kalahari

Richard B. Lee, Natural History, December 1969“Eating Christmas in the Kalahari” by Richard Borshay Lee was published in the December 1969 issue of Natural History. It is one of the’s most frequently reprinted stories. In the final paragraph, Lee won… more »


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San court case against Botswana govt to resume

Afrol News - The landmark court case against Botswana's government by evicted communities of the San people is to recommence next week. The case was adjourned in July. The San communities are fighting for their right to return to their ancestral land… more »


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San Update: Defying Ban, Kalahari Bushmen Return to Reserve

National Geographic Botswana completed a multiyear process of relocating Bushmen outside the reserve. Xuxuri Johannes, a leader of the ragtag Bushmen's rights group First People of the Kalahari claimed the move was designed to "create space" for diamo… more »


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Botswana bushmen in legal fight

BBC A group of bushmen from Botswana who claim the government illegally evicted them from their ancestral lands have begun challenging the move in court. The Basarwa are recognised by many internationally as the indigenous people and claim a right to… more »

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