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Laughing in Cyberspace…or should I say LOL?

Apologies for the delay since my last post but I have started a new job at the Cyberspace Research Unit at the University of Central Lancashire and that has been a bit hectic – I am now living in Lincolnshire, working in Preston and Lodging in Liverpool.… more »


The Birth of a Cyberethnographer: The MU5 is to Blame

In 1974, fascinated, I pressed my nose to the window at UMIST and watched huge tapes turning on large metal boxes that filled the ground floor of the building – yes – it was that big! Operators and programmers were hurrying around wearing white lab coats… more »


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Guest bloggers at

Savage Minds has recently done an excellent job in hosting guest bloggers. During the following weeks and months, you might also read entries from guest bloggers here on My main objective is to to broaden the anthropological community /… more »

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