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"Religion in Digital Games": Relaunch of Open Access journal "Online"

New special issue "Religion in Digital Games" - The interdisciplinary open access journal "Online. Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet" has just been relaunched and redesigned. more »


The Anthropological Comic Book - an alternative way of reaching the audience

attract attention of people who were “fed up with all these reports” on the multicultural environment, integration, exclusion and inclusion. So we decided to present our findings with a twist. We decided to make an anthropological comic book.The Anth… more »


– Use Anthropology to Build A Human Economy

Book launch in the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) in Oslo with Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Keith Hart and Desmond McNeill. Photo: Lorenz KhazalehAnthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, economics and activists have come together and written a… more »


Theology's turn to Ethnography: New OA journal "Practical Matters"

I've stumpled upon a rather new Open Access Journal called Practical Matters. This publication of Emory University is both interdisciplinary and "intermedia", i.e. multimedia. The most recent issue (nr 3) is called Ethnography & Theology. In t… more »


The Best of Neuroanthropology (etc)

One of the - in my view - most interesting anthropology blogs, Neuroanthropology, has recently celebrated post #1000 and made a list over their Top 100 Posts - based on page views (there is also a list with their personal favorites). At the same time,… more »


For more anthropology of climate change

In the recent issue of Imponderabilia Heid Jerstad critizes the lack of anthropological research on climate change. Climate change is only present on the margins of anthropological research, Jerstad claims. A similar critique was formulated by Simon Batt… more »


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Hindi Film Songs and the Barriers between Ethnomusicology and Anthropology

----Review: Hindi Film Songs and the Cinema by Anna Morcom 2007, Ashgate, ISBN 978-0-7546-5198-7Tereza Kuldova, Research Fellow, Museum of Cultural History, Department of Ethnography University of Oslo[video:youtube:6B1I56Q4swE]Popular mu… more »


Why Siberian nomads cope so well with climate change

The tundra ecosystems in Siberia are vulnerable to both climate change and oil/gass drilling. Yet the Yamal-Nenets in West Siberia have shown remarkable resilience to these changes. "Free access to open space has been the key for success" says Bruce For… more »

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