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Fighting stigma and police brutality with theater - Anthrofilm needs support

Pioneer anthropology blogger and one of the founders of Savage Minds, Kerim Friedman has together with Shashwati Talukdar made a film about young Chhara actors who are using theater to fight the stigma of criminality and police brutality. [video:vime… more »


Visions of Students Today - More Digital Ethnography

Michael Wesch and his Digital Ethnography Research Team of 2011 has released Visions of Students Today: an exciting “video collage” about student life created by students themselves. The collage consists of a large number of vidoes that can be watche… more »


The Anthropological Comic Book - an alternative way of reaching the audience

attract attention of people who were “fed up with all these reports” on the multicultural environment, integration, exclusion and inclusion. So we decided to present our findings with a twist. We decided to make an anthropological comic book.The Anth… more »


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The Visual Anthropology of Fashion and Running

More and more anthropology videos and documentaries are available on Youtube and Vimeo. Among the more recent additions we find these ones here that I enjoyed watching - and at the same time show the diversity of the discipline:[video:vimeo:17148719]… more »


Colonialism, racism and visual anthropology in Japan: Photography, Anthropology and History part II

Here is the second part of the review of the book Photography, Anthropology and History, edited by Christopher Morton and Elizabeth Edwards. This time, Tessa Valo reviews Ka F. Wong's article about one of the first Japanese anthropologists, who beca… more »


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Book review: Photography, Anthropology and History (Part I)

When filming people became possible, anthropologists began to drift away from it. Though better off than at the beginning of the 20th century, the visual anthropology today is still perceived as a marginal discipline, Tessa Valo writes in the first part… more »


Interview: Meet Dai Cooper from The Anthropology Song!

Dai Cooper's Anthropology Song has fascinated people all over the world. Around 10 000 people have seen the video on YouTube so far, it was sent around via facebook, twitter, mailing lists, and was already shown in many anthropology classes. Maybe nobody… more »


The Anthropology Song!

(via facebook and Savage Minds) What is Anthropology? What is it about? Forget about all definitions, here is the Anthropology Song by Dai Cooper:[video:youtube:LHv6rw6wxJY] more »

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