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"Religion in Digital Games": Relaunch of Open Access journal "Online"

New special issue "Religion in Digital Games" - The interdisciplinary open access journal "Online. Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet" has just been relaunched and redesigned. more »


How scholars in the Middle East developed anthropology more than 1000 years ago

Anthropology emerged in a relatively high scientific level in the wider Middle East before it existed as a discipline in the West. Therefore, the label of colonialism often coupled to its emergence must be removed. This is the main point of an articl… more »


Minority scholars treated as second class academics: Still a racial bias in anthropology

In a blog post at AnthroNow, Manissa McCleave Maharawal draws our attention to an important article in the American Anthropologist that was already published in november 2011: Anthropology as White Public Space? Here, Karen Brodkin, Sandra Morgen, an… more »


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What the burial of a 4 year old boy says about daily life more than 24 000 years ago is mainly about social anthropology. To broaden our perspective, here is an archaeology paper that Lukas Loeb sent me. Loeb is currently a student in the Social Science and Economy Department at the University of Agder, Norway. The… more »


Why are academic articles so expensive?

30 US Dollars in order to read a single academic article? Why? Is it about making money? No. “The high price is designed to maintain the barrier between academia and the outside world. Paywalls codify and commodify tacit elitism”, writes anthropologist Sarah Kendzior in Al Jazeera. more »


Journal of Business Anthropology: Open Access and "Without Jargon"

“Please write for us, but write in plain English!” The new Journal of Business Anthropology (JBA) does not only provide open access to all articles. It demonstrates that open access should mean more: What’s the point with free access… more »


The need for more spectacle in academic presentations: What anthropologists can learn from wrestlers

Now, only a few days before the largest gathering of anthropologists in the world, it’s time to take up again the banner of the well-prepared, well-written, well-presented conference paper, writes Rex in his post Defending the form at Savage Minds… more »


New Open Access Journal: Nordic Journal of Migration Research

While George Monbiot is right when he is attacking the academic publishing industry, it is important not to forget the positive developments. More and more journals go open access. A few days ago, the first issue of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research was launched. More and more journals go open access. A few days ago, the first issue of the Nordic Journal of Migrat… more »

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