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From Tahrir to Israel: "Protest movements inspire greater human understanding"

“Irhal” (=“Leave!”), says the banner in Arabic, a slogan from the Egyptian revolution, directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and below in Hebrew: “Egypt is here!” One of the most interesting things about… more »


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"How can I contribute to a better world?" Anthropologists on the Oslo terror attacks - an update

Many new comments by anthropologists have appeared since my first post on the terror attack in Oslo. Here is a quick overview more »


Thesis: That's why there is peace

The Rumi Darwaza ("the Turkish Gate") in Lucknow. Foto: Himalayan Trails / Rajesh, flickr Why are some areas of this world more peaceful than others? In her master’s thesis Networks That Make A Difference, anthropologist Tereza Kuldova explai… more »


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Football World Cup = an arena of everyday cosmopolitanism?

Oslo, Saturday afternoon. Several thousands people are watching Germany-Argentina on the big screen. The man opposite to me is wearing the German jersey. He is not German, but Norwegian. He is not the only one who identified with the"others" during the W… more »


- Highlight the connections between people!

It happened already around 200 years ago: Aboriginal Australians marry Indians. Afghan cameleers open up the interior of Australia for transport and development. Indian seamen fight for Indonesian independence. And long before Australia was colonised by… more »


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”Eurovision produces a new form of unity”

”The Eurovision Song Contest is torture to my ears”, was one of my recent Facebook status messages. But as I learnt, the mega event is not primarily about music, it’s a ritual, a transnational social event that connects people and that - according to a r… more »


Interview with Benedict Anderson: Being a cosmopolitan without needing to travel

During my research for the new overview over open access anthropology journals, I made many great discoveries. I'll try to present some of them. One of the discoveries was Invisible Culture. An electronic journal for visual culture. The most recent is… more »


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Earth Hour - The first globalized ritual?

I have to confess I have an ambivalent relation to initiatives like the Earth Hour. But anthropologist Stephen Bede Scharper casts an interesting perspective on this new way to save our planet. He describes Earth Hour as "the first globalized ritual"… more »

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