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Researching in "non-prestigious areas" - Robert Paine 1926-2010

(via anthropologyworks) British-Canadian anthropologist Robert Paine died at the age of 84. Eveybody who's interested in the Northern and Polar areas will know his name. He sent his most recent article for publication just weeks ago. Last year his… more »


Why Siberian nomads cope so well with climate change

The tundra ecosystems in Siberia are vulnerable to both climate change and oil/gass drilling. Yet the Yamal-Nenets in West Siberia have shown remarkable resilience to these changes. "Free access to open space has been the key for success" says Bruce For… more »


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Discovered the first-ever linguistic link between Siberia and Canada

While studying an ancient language now spoken by only a few hundred people in a remote corner of Siberia, linguist Edward Vajda has found the first-ever linguistic link between the Old World and any First Nation in Canada, the Ottawa Citizen reports. "T… more »


New website helps save Kenai Peoples language (Alaska)

Their language is nearly dead. Maybe a new website can revitalize Kahtnuht'ana Qenaga: The Kenai Peoples Language in Alaska? For more than two years, the two anthropologists Alan Boraas and Michael Christian have taken pictures, navigated through HTML an… more »


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Inuit language thrives in Greenland

In the 1960s and 1970s, elders in Greenland feared their language would be lost. Today, the vast majority of Greenlanders - 92 per cent - are fluent in their native tongue. Inuit language thrives in Greenland, Nunatsiaq News reports: You can find a co… more »


"But We Are Still Native People" - Tad McIlwraith's dissertation is online

Our fellow anthro-blogger Tad McIlwraith has successfully defended his dissertation "But We Are Still Native People’: Talking about Hunting and History in a Northern Athapaskan Village" that now can be downloaded from his website (The graduates in his ye… more »


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International Polar Year opened - Anthropologists involved

More than 50,000 scientists from 63 nations turned their attention to the world's poles when the International Polar Year officially opened on Monday: It unifies 228 research projects about the impact of global warming in the Arctic the Washington Post r… more »


Rethinking Nordic Colonialism - Website Sheds Light Over Forgotten Past

56 artists, theorists, politicians, and grassroots activists from all over the world participated in the project that took place in Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Sapmi, Norway, Sweden and Finland. They exchanged colonial and postcolonial experiences and st… more »

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