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Football World Cup = an arena of everyday cosmopolitanism?

Oslo, Saturday afternoon. Several thousands people are watching Germany-Argentina on the big screen. The man opposite to me is wearing the German jersey. He is not German, but Norwegian. He is not the only one who identified with the"others" during the W… more »


The Anthropology of Wrestling

How do you study wrestling as an anthropologist? By becoming a wrestler yourself! Heather Levi's book The World of Lucha Libre: Secrets, Revelations, and Mexican National Identity is featured in the new issue of American Ethnography on Lucha libre - Mexi… more »


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World Cup: Cultural representations and why patriotism is not healthy

Kambiz Kamrani at has made a nice post about national fotballs: How do the different countries represent themselves? Sport is bringing the world closer together, in his opinion. His list of World Cup participants "shows us the color side… more »


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World Cup Witchcraft: European Teams Turn to Magic for Aid

(via I've just returned from the match France-Portugal and have just stumpled upon this news story in the National Geographic. Many European soccer stars, including those currently playing in the World Cup, turn to magic and odd… more »


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World Cup Enthusiasm: "Need for a collective ritual, not nationalism"

(Image: German and Swedish fans in Oslo) Swissinfo interviews anthropologist Fabrizio Sabelli about the enthusiasm of Swiss fans during the World Cup. According to Sabelli, it's driven by a need for a collective ritual and not nationalism: We're… more »


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Is the Football World Cup a peacemaker?

Does the World Cup put a stop to war? It is undeniable that football has the power to unite - but its power to divide should not be underestimated, Daniel W Drezner writes in a Washington Post article where he quotes a 1973 article by Richard Sipes in th… more »

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