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The new Anthropology Newspaper and News Ticker

Do you want to get an overview over the most recent anthropology blog posts? The old newsticker did no longer work reliably, so I've created a new one. It is still work in progress, but so far it seems to work well. I tried to make it look more attracti… more »


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Soon more updates!

Hi again. In contrast to most other bloggers, I've stopped updating around Christmas and New Year. It took some time to get started again, but now at least the Norwegian and the German part of this website are (more or less) updated. So you can expect a… more »


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Guest bloggers at

Savage Minds has recently done an excellent job in hosting guest bloggers. During the following weeks and months, you might also read entries from guest bloggers here on My main objective is to to broaden the anthropological community /… more »


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How To Present A Paper - or Can Anthropologists Talk?

My wishlist: 1. Tell us your main points and findings before you start ("I will show that the Earth is flat" or so) and sum up your paper at the end. 2. Tell us why we should listen to you. Yes, it's interesting that you have studied childhood in I… more »


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Conference Culture

Academics live in another world. In this world, time does not exist. Researchers arrive late in seminars. People kept opening the door and entering the room even 10-15 minutes after Richard Jenkins had started with his keynote speech at Childhoods 2005 i… more »

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