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Visual designanthropology: Watch film about the design chair online

Anthropologist Kristiina Lavia has already three years ago made a film about designing a chair: She portraits the Norwegian designers Svein Gusrud, Torstein Nilsen and Sigurd Strøm – and the way they experience their work with design and creativit… more »


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Dance Anthropology: "Even when borders blur, dance movements retain ethnic roots" Union TribuneThe way we move tells us who we are. The rhythm of our walk, the sports we play and our dances define us as individuals and cultures. Movement also can cross borders. That makes modern dance a stunning example of global comm… more »


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Korean Artist a Fan of an Ancient Craft

Photojournalist Nayan Sthankiya, OhmyNews Very little attention in today's fast-paced society is paid to the history and dedication involved in the production of traditional Korean fans. However, one man in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, continues to… more »


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Contemporary art from Africa is branching out in radical ways

Daily Telegraph The biggest exhibition of contemporary African art ever held in Europe, Africa Remix (Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London) is a dizzying testimony to the variety of artistic expression throughout this vast continent – from Nigerian jun… more »


Germans as Indians: Ethnographic images explore an unsettling cultural exchange

Boston Globe Photographers Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, who have work up at the Bernard Toale Gallery, are anthropologists of a sort. They document explosions of one culture within another, which occur through migration, colonialism, but also throug… more »


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Ricksha art as political indicator in Bangladesh

Anthropologist Joanna Kirkpatrick, Outlook India Much has been written on jihadism, terrorist training camps and anti-secularism, but so far none of the published material has ever provided grass-roots evidence of where public opinion, the views of th… more »

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