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New: Science Commons - sharing scientific knowledge with others

Creative Commons Science Commons is a new project of Creative Commons and will launch early 2005. The mission of Science Commons is to encourage scientific innovation by making it easier for scientists, universities, and industries to use literatur… more »


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Teamwork, Not Rivalry, Marks New Era in Research

Los Angeles Times / KTLA TV Teamwork across departmental lines was once a rarity at the nation's most prestigious universities. But the practice, usually known as interdisciplinary research, is spreading rapidly. They are teaming psychologists and ant… more »


Shaping a culture of sustainable access to anthropological information

Myra Appel and Brita Servaes, Anthropology News (AAA) Recently libraries have begun to assume another role, that of publisher, and to provide new opportunities for scholars to disseminate their research freely, inexpensively and fairly. In response… more »


"I think that anthropology has never been as strong as it is now..."

Anthropolis (Hungary) An interview, about the current perspective of Central-European and Polish anthropology, with Dr. Marcin Brocki (PhD adjunct professor - Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology - University of Wroclaw, Poland). - We… more »


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American scholars alarmed by controversial education bill

National Catholic Reporter American scholars are alarmed by a controversial education bill that would increase government monitoring of federally funded programs in international studies at colleges and universities. Backers of the bill say it will… more »


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'Degrees for sale' at UK universities

The Observer Cash-strapped British universities are awarding degrees to students who should be failed, in return for lucrative fees, The Observer can reveal. The 'degrees-for-sale' scandal stretches from the most prestigious institutions to the former… more »

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