"I think that anthropology has never been as strong as it is now..."

Anthropolis (Hungary)

An interview, about the current perspective of Central-European and Polish anthropology, with Dr. Marcin Brocki (PhD adjunct professor - Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology - University of Wroclaw, Poland).

- We are surprised how popular ethnology is now. There are almost 200 candidates each year for the study in Wroclaw. It is definitely fashionable discipline. I suppose that it is because of interdisciplinarity of the course, emerging "anthropologization" of humanities and social sciences (especially sociology and philosophy), and also general trend toward searching for more stable structures in our culture.

- People are seeking for something to rely on against globalization, "McDonaldization", "hypermarket" culture, and they usually think of ethnology as a kind of remedy or a good source of alternative knowledge (alternative views). Due to those processes we are observing a growing interest in ethnical issues, ethnic music, roots searching, so that is the reason why students come to us in such a "giant" number.
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