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New website: - "the worldwide community of anthropologists"

A group of anthropologists from Leuwen University, Belgium, has just launched, a new website that aims to be a "worldwide community of anthropologists": Anthropologists can register and look for other members sharing the same (or dif… more »


"Audio podcasting won't take over the world"

Podcasting - publishing mp3-interviews on websites - has become more popular in the social sciences, including anthropology. But as Paul Ayres writes in an article for ALISS Quarterly, the journal of the Association of Librarians and Information professi… more »


"To know what's happening around the world, you have to study the knowledge of local people"

Recently, we cound find a portrait of anthropologist Melissa Leach in the Guardian. At the age of 35, Leach became professor of the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University. Now, at 42 and proficient in four African languages, she has been m… more »


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Military anthropologist starts blogging about his experiences

One of the anthropologists who is working for the military has started blogging about his experiences with the U.S. Army. His name is Marcus Griffin, professor at Christopher Newport University, Virginia (USA). He now works at Ft. Hood, Texas, for the t… more »


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Military - social science roundtable: Anthropologists help mold counterinsurgency policy

A few weeks ago I wrote about the deepening connections between anthropologists, military and intelligence agencies. Yesterday, Fort Leavenworth (USA) conducted a roundtable discussion among anthropologists and military veterans who have experience in Ir… more »


Six reasons for bad academic writing

Sociologist Lars Laird Eriksen has written an interesting blog post about why academic texts often are so badly written. When academics try to write, it often becomes so full of jargon and it's a turture for the reader. So why is this so? Here's his… more »


Protests against British research council: "Recruits anthropologists for spying on muslims"

Reading my earlier post “The dangerous militarisation of anthropology” you might get the impression that this is something that only regards the U.S. But the same thing is happening in Britain. A few weeks ago the Association of Social Anthropologists of… more »


The dangerous militarisation of anthropology

On 15 December 2006 the US Army released a new counterinsurgency manual, FM 3-24. At least one anthropologist played a role in preparing the 282-page document: Montgomery McFate. Anthropological knowledge is even considered as more important than bombs:… more »

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