Ethnography, cross cultural understanding and product design

Ideas Bazaar reports from an interesting seminar about - among others - ethnography and product design and points to aviable conference papers online.

The Global Watch Mission Report Innovation through people-centred design - lessons from the USA emphasises that people in their social context rather than task-centric users should be considered a fundamental source of innovation. Furthermore it states that "cross-cultural understandings are becoming increasingly important for companies such as Intel who are using multi-sited worldwide research as part of the innovation process" >> download the report

>> to Ideas Bazaar's comments

>> Anne Galloway's comments / summary of the report

>> Louise Ferguson's comment: "The user/human/people agenda is hitting the mainstream rather than being the preserve of a niche community."

>> Press release University of Surrey: Innovation Through People Centred Design - Lessons For UK Business From the USA

>> Corporate Anthropology

>> Social Software: Video presentations of a conference in Oslo

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