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Blog: The Sami People of Northern America

In the 19th century, lots of Norwegians emigrated to America. Among them, there were many Sami people. Today, there's still a large community of Sami in Northern America. The Sami Siida of North America is the single active representative of the Sami culture in North America. The organization maintains an observer seat on the International Sami Council and promotes the revival of cultural awareness in North America. On their blog they inform us on Sami issues both in America and Northern Europe


Comment from: Ray Vanek-Johnson [Visitor]
Ray Vanek-Johnson

We’re there ever any Sami people in the Swedish colonies in America? furthermore, what about in Russian America, namely Alaska?

13.02.13 @ 00:44
Comment from: Rae [Visitor]

Yes, there were Sami’s who migrated to Alaska to help with herding reindeers there. Like Norwegians, the Swedish community had several Sami’s pretending to be Swedish. The diaspora aided an escape from the racism they were enduring. This I have learned from the Sami American community here in the US.

25.01.16 @ 03:58

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