Dissertation in Anthropology put online before it will be published as a book

Anthropologist P. Kerim Friedman (Temple University) published his dissertation on the web before it will be published as a book! "No need to wait for the book", he writes. In an earlier post, Friedman encouraged anthropologists to use the Internet to share their knowledge and support the "Open Access" - philosophy.

About his dissertation he writes:

"This dissertation examines contemporary linguistic markets and language policy in Taiwan in terms of the historical processes of state formation, class alliances, and identity politics, drawing upon Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of linguistic markets and Antonio Gramsci’s theory of hegemony as well as the literature on nationalism and linguistic ideology.

Emphasis is placed on the historical processes underlying the construction of Taiwan’s linguistic markets as Taiwan’s linguistic nationalism emerged throughout history, focusing on the continuities and changes across Qing, Japanese, KMT and DPP rule.

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Open Source Anthropology : Are anthropologists serious about sharing knowledge?

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Comment from: Kerim Friedman [Visitor]
Kerim Friedman

Thanks for the links!

22.02.05 @ 23:10

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