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Fired from Yale, anarchist professor points to politics

Well written story in Newsday on anarchist anthropology professor David Graeber who was fired from Yale. He's described as "one of the brightest minds in his field", but with his job prospects uncertain, Graeber didn't renew a lease on his apartment, and splits his time between his New York co-op where he grew u and apartments in New Haven where friends let him sleep. >> read the whole story

UPDATE (8.12.05): Graeber drops appeal, leaves Yale this spring


Will the Real McCarthyists Please Stand Up? Free speech on college campuses is taking some disturbing blows. (AlterNet, 25.10.06)

Solidarity with David Graeber - Webpage

In wake of Graeber uproar, up to six anthropology professors may go

Review of Graeber's book: Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology / download the whole book

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