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"A unique art form" - Anthropological Research on Anime

An old drawing style in Japan is being reintroduced as new in the United States, and USC anthropology research scientist Mizuko Ito presented the development of Anime at the UCLA Faculty Center, UCLA University writes on their homepage. Academics should view anime fan art as its own unique art form, she said: "It is important for academic institutions to acknowledge popular culture (such as anime)."

Ito is known for her research on mobile phones. Currently she is part of the research project Digital kids.

The article also mentions Rachel Cody, a research assistant who works with Ito and studies the interaction of anime enthusiasts on the Internet and in front of the computer in private rooms.

>> read the whole story

>> more information on the research project "Transnational Anime Fandoms and Amateur Cultural Production"

>> read "Anime and Learning Japanese Culture" by Mizuko Ito


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Ethnographic Study on "Digital Kids"

Technologies of the Childhood Imagination- new text by anthropologist Mizuko Ito

Why cellular life in Japan is so different - Interview with anthropologist Mizuko Ito

Mizuko Ito's homepage

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