New Open Access Anthropology Website, mailinglist, chat and t-shirts!

Great new initiatives: Kerim Friedman has set up a wiki to promote free access to anthropology journal articles and papers - Open Access Anthropology. It is located at http://openaccessanthropology.org/ This wiki explains: What is open access? Why should anthropologists care about open access? Why does the American Anthropological Association oppose open access?What can we do to promote open access anthropology?

He has also created a discussion list for Open Access issues. It on Google Groups which means one can read it on the web, via RSS, or you can sign up to get it via e-mail. "Please help spread the word!", hew writes:

At Savage Minds there are several new posts on Open Access:

Open Access Your Diss

Who’s down with OAA?

Open Access in San Jose (AAA annual meeting)


New Open Access Anthropology Blog

Savage Minds: Please sign the Open Access Anthropology Letter

At Savage Minds: AAA Open Access T-shirts

Savage Minds: Open Access Anthropology: what you can do


Open Access: "The American Anthropological Association reminds me of the recording industry"

American Anthropological Association opposes Open Access to Journal Articles

Kerim Friedman: Open Source Anthropology

Open Access Anthropology - antropologi.info's special

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