Open Access: "The American Anthropological Association reminds me of the recording industry"

(via Erkan's Field Diary) "The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is starting to remind me of the recording industry and their rearguard actions against file-sharing and online dissemination in general", Eric Kansa from Digging Digitally comments on a recent AAA-decision against open access anthropology.

After the AnthroSource Steering Committee has issued a public statement in support of open access to research articles on the internet, the commitee has been officially disbanded by the AAA according to Alex Golub at Savage Minds.

Eric Kansa writes:

This speaks volumes about how beholden this organization is toward failing and outmoded publication business models, models that hurt AAA members, universities, libraries, students, faculty, groups with limited financial resources, and the public.


Trying to horde anthropological research seems self-defeating. It seems that anthropology should do more to attract more people to its research. FRPAA, which would require government funded archives of paper drafts accepted for publication, would be a great way for anthropology to become better known to a larger community.
By opposing FRPAA, the AAA is also working against the dissemination of vital knowledge in other disciplines that directly impact health, conservation, and economic development. That makes this whole affair sordid, ironic, and even somewhat tragic, especially for a discipline that positions itself in advocacy on behalf of marginalized peoples and communities.

Changing the AAA, he writes, is going to require some grassroots organizing. He welcomes therefore the initiative by anthropological bloggers who want to discuss ways to push forward an Open Access agenda at the AAA meeting in San Jose.


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