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World Cup Witchcraft: European Teams Turn to Magic for Aid

(via del.icio.us/anthropology) I've just returned from the match France-Portugal and have just stumpled upon this news story in the National Geographic. Many European soccer stars, including those currently playing in the World Cup, turn to magic and odd rituals before the game:

England defender John Terry, for example, says he always sits in the same place on the bus traveling to the game. He also must tie the tapes around his socks that hold shin guards in place three times before a game.

During this World Cup, Spanish striker Raul Gonzalez was reportedly berated for turning up at practice wearing a yellow T-shirt. His coach, Luis Aragones, considers yellow bad luck. (France went on to knock Spain out of the cup on Tuesday.)


Former Italy coach Giovanni Trappatoni could be seen sprinkling holy water on the playing field from a bottle provided by his sister, a nun.

>> read the whole story (as you see, the National Geographic has a different focus...)


Soccer superstitions: Some fans will have wacky ways of spurring their team to victory (BBC)

"Superstition, a football tradition" (Fifaworldcup.yahoo.com)


World Cup Enthusiasm: "Need for a collective ritual, not nationalism"

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Comment from: Adam Minnis [Visitor]  
Adam Minnis

rofl..reminds me of the shamans in the mmorpg game World of Warcraft

2008-04-20 @ 07:53

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