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National Geographic Channel Is Going Anthropology?

Michelle Shildkret from the National Geographic Channel writes to me and informs about a new TV-program called taboo. This season of Taboo premieres Sunday, August 5th.

Taboo is an hour-long program that challenges the way we look at other cultures and ourselves, by exploring practices that are completely normal to their participants but seem brutal, disgusting or even immoral to many of us today.

For those of you who - in contrast to me - have a TV, it will be interesting to check what kind of perspectives they have chosen - if it’s mainly exoticism or if they manage to challenge stereotypes and give deeper insights into the many ways we live on our planet.

National Geographic Channel has just posted three video preview clips on Google Video. One of them (see below) explores a ritual that brings boys into manhood, by having their skin sliced thousands of times to create scars that resemble alligator skin

The Google video service is not available anymore.

More information: I’ve posted Michelle Shildkret’s email in the forum


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