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France asks anthropologist for advice on burqa-ban

France banned burqas in public schools in 2004. Now, a parliamentary commission is investigating a possible ban on burqas in public places and anthropology professor John Bowen was asked to testify on this matter, Student Life and New York Times report.

As far as I know, anthropologists aren’t very visible in public debates in France.

Bowen is the author of the book Why the French don’t like Headscarves.

According to Bowen only a few hundred women in France wear burqas. A ban, though, could potentially have a profound impact on some of those women which means they would dissappear from public spaces and stay at home.

Bowen considers it highly unlikely that a ban would ever pass. “I think that French politicians will find that it would be absurd to create a set of clothing police to decide whether what a woman is wearing on the street counts as a burqa or a niqab…or just a headscarf.”

>> read the whole story in Student Life

>> Interview with Bowen in French on nonfiction.fr

I’ve collected some Bowen related links on my earlier post Why the French Don’t Like Headscarves. There are several papers on Bowen’s website.


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