Here they are: Open access anthropology books!

More and more journals have gone open access, now it’s time for open access books!

OAPEN - Open Access Publishing in European Networks is an initiative in Open Access publishing for humanities and social sciences monographs. Several European university presses have joined the initiative that aims to improve the accessibility and dissemination of academic books. “The traditional book publishing model", they state, “is no longer sustainable".

OAPEN was launched last autumn at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Their first conference will be held at the end of this week in Berlin

Searching for anthropology gives 289 hits, among others these books. All books can be downloaded as pdf-files:

and many more! Check http://oapen.org (Thanks, Marjut for the link!)

Meanwhile, Owen Wiltshire has published a draft of his thesis about making anthropology accessible online including a summary

UPDATE: Free ebooks by Australian National University E-Press (via Kerim Friedman)


Democratic Publishing = Web + Paper

SSOAR - The first Social Science Open Access Repository is online

1st of May is Open Access Anthropology Day!

(updated) Danah Boyd on Open Access: “Boycott locked-down journals”

For Open Access: “The pay-for-content model has never been successful”

antropologi.info survey: Six anthropologists on Anthropology and Internet

Why Open Access?


Comment from: [Member]

Why is open access not considered equal to standard academic standards? Can we trust the peer-reviewing? Is open access a breach on conventionalism?

2011-02-25 @ 12:04
Comment from: [Member]

Regarding peer review and the politics of publishing check an earlier issue of Anthropology Matters

2011-02-25 @ 12:50
Comment from: Evolet [Visitor]  

Thank you from a history lover.

2011-03-04 @ 02:28

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