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Democraticize scholarship! Happy Open Access Week!

Let's celebrate and promote open access to academic research! It's Open Access Week! There hasn't been much publicity around this event here in Norway, and I haven't found any anthropology related blog posts either. more »


Popular Anthropology Magazine = fail

The first issue of the Popular Anthropology Magazine is out. It was meant to bridge the world between academia and the public and between anthropologists and continents. Cool, we needed that. But the result is - in my opinion - disappointing. For it was… more »


Beware: No Pecha Kucha allowed without consent from Tokyo

My post Pecha Kucha - the future of presenting papers? received much attention and inspired others to arrange such sessions where papers are not read but presented through 20 images displayed for 20 seconds each. But I'm no longer sure if I would recomme… more »


University reforms - a threat to anthropology?

It started around 20 years ago: The idea of education as a right was being replaced by a concept of education as a commodity to purchase. Today's universities are managed like businesses, striving for "excellence", being best, competing for the "best" br… more »


Pecha Kucha - the future of presenting papers?

Why reading your paper when there are lot more exciting ways of presenting your research? I have asked Aleksandra Bartoszko and Marcy Hessling to tell us about their experience with a recent experiment at the annual meeting of the American Anthropologic… more »


Anthropologists ignore Open Access Week - a report from Wellington

What's the point of science if it's not publicly accessible? Two weeks ago, the first global Open Access Week was organized. Masters' student in anthropology Karstein Noremark has written a report for about the Open Access Week at Victor… more »


Free access to the 25 most popular Anthrosource articles!

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) and their publisher Wiley-Blackwell will be offering two months of free access to 10+ years of Anthrosource content during November and December 2009.As a preview they invite us to view the Top 25 Anthroso… more »


Selv-archiving repositories: Is ResearchGate the solution?

Today, ResearchGATE has launched a new Self-Archiving Repository. "This will make full-text articles available to the public, for free - the first application of its kind worldwide", ResearchGate claims in their press release:Currently, there is no w… more »

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