Anpere - New Open Access Anthropology Journal

anpere - Anthropological Perspectives on Religion is the name of a new journal that is freely available for everybody. It is edited by anthropologists Pierre Wiktorin and André Möller from Lund University (Sweden).

They explain:

The aim of anpere is to offer a flexible and relevant channel for researches as well as lay people interested in questions pertaining to the anthropology of religion.

anpere do not stick to the traditional way of publishing, as it will publish as soon as any text is ready to meet the public. This means that we may publish three articles a day or three articles per month, depending on the quality and quantity of the articles received.

In order to faciliate the life of our valued readers, we will gladly send you an e-mail each time a new article or review is added on the anpere site.

The articles are written both in Swedish and English. At the moment there are three papers in English:

Åse Piltz: Being Tibetan: Internet and Public Identity among Tibetan Youth

André Möller: Islam and Traweh Prayers in Java: Unity, Diversity and Cultural Smoothness

Jörgen Hellman: Entertainment and Circumcisions: Sisingaan Dancing in West Java

There are even lots of photos, among others related to Ramadan.

>> visit anpere - Anthropological Perspectives on Religion

By the way, one of the editors, André Möller, maintains an interesting Indonesian Islam Blog.


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2009-05-21 @ 12:01
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks. Great initiative! I read about it a few days ago and am planning to blog about it

2009-05-21 @ 12:25

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