Book and papers online: Working towards a global community of anthropologists

How many Siberian anthropologists do you know? What are Chinese anthropologists engaged in? The discipline of anthropology is quite ethnocentric. It is dominated by research institutes in the U.S and Britain. Only a small elite interacts on a global level. It's time to globalize anthropology! To connect anthropologists from all over the world, to make anthropology more multivocal, richer and diverse. We need to create World Anthropologies.

That's the endeavor of the World Anthropologies Network.

One year ago, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Arturo Escobar published the book World Anthropologies. Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power. Now, you can read the whole book online, including more recent papers.

Among others, you can read Reshaping Anthropology: A View from Japan (by Shinji Yamashita), Anthropology in a Post-Colonial Africa: the Survival Debate (by Paul Nchoji Nkwi) or World Anthropologies. Cosmopolitics for a New Global Scenario in Anthropology (by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro) and many more.

"We intend this volume as a contribution to the making of a new transnational community of anthropologists", Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Arturo Escobar write in their introduction. "Anthropologies everywhere will benefit from the scholarship already existing in globally fragmented spaces":

We see a tremendous transformative potential in embracing this project. Whether conceived in terms of diversifying anthropological practices while maintaining a unified sense of the field or adumbrating a ‘post-anthropological era’ in which the idea of a single or universal anthropology is put into question, we believe there are great gains to be made by opening up to new possibilities of dialogue and exchange among world anthropologies.
Eurocentrism can only be transcended if we approach the modern colonial world system from the exteriority, i.e. from the colonial difference (modernity’s hidden face). The result of this operation is diversality or the possibility of epistemic diversity as a universal project.

>> continue reading the introduction

>> overview over all papers of the World Anthropologies Network

The network already has quite a lot of members from all continents - except from Africa (typical somehow!)

In Anthropology News October Gustavo Lins Ribeiro wrote about the lacking globalisation of anthropology, see my summary How can we create a more plural anthropological community?

(Thanks to the journal Ethnologic at the University of Munich for the link. The World Anthropologies website has been down for several month, but now it's up and running again)


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Comment from: Joao Luis Vaz Nobre [Visitor]
Joao Luis Vaz Nobre

Sou antropologo mocambicano e fiquei deslumbrado com a ideia de uma rede mundial de antropologos, pena que nao tenha nenhum africano ainda a participar…

2007-02-20 @ 11:36
Comment from: Francisco Caminati [Visitor]
Francisco Caminati

Brazilian experience on open publishing antrhopology website :


2007-07-16 @ 17:10

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