Paternalistic anthropology

Quote from an article about tourism in Papua New Guinea (reads more like advertising, though):

Tourism is good for PNG," asserts Dr Nancy Sullivan, a Madang-based anthropologist with an abiding affection for Papua New Guineans. "It brings much-needed funds to these remote communities, encourages them to maintain a traditional lifestyle and prevents the young men, in particular, from having to seek work in the cities where they are subject to many dangerous influences."

Paternalistic anthropology?

Nancy Sullivan owns an anthropology consulting company based in Madang, Papua New Guinea:

Nancy Sullivan Ltd. provides Ecotourism Consulting, Leadership Training Consulting and Social Science Consulting. We also prepare Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs) and Rapid Rural Appraisals (RRAs) tailored to a client's needs, including economic, social, legal and project-specific investigations.

>> visit Nancy Sullivan Ltd's website (lots of articles, reports and pictures)

[links updated 11.6.2015)


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Comment from: Nancy Sullivan [Visitor]
Nancy Sullivan

Unlike academic writing, tourism journalism is rarely accurate, and although I don’t begrudge the sentiment, paternalistic or not, I have absolutely no recollection of saying this to a reporter.

2015-06-10 @ 04:52
Comment from: [Member]

Aha, interesting. Thanks for letting us know!

2015-06-11 @ 14:53

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