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Study: Anti-immigration steps are doing the opposite of what they intend to do

Restrictions to keep immigrants from entering the United States are having the effect of encouraging those who are already here to stay by any means necessary, a study by anthropologist Maxine L. Margolis finds.

“The restrictions are doing exactly the opposite of what they intend to do by locking these people in place”, she says according a press release by the University of Florida. Tightened post 9-ll security has prompted immigrants to skip visits to their homelands because of the risk of not being allowed back into the U.S., the anthropologist explains.

Even with valid passports and visas, they can be denied re-entry, she said.:

One Brazilian immigrant, who owned a floor tile company in New York and had lived in the state for several years with his wife and American-born daughter, flew to Brazil when he learned his elderly father was seriously ill. On his return, he was stopped at JFK International Airport and was deported to Brazil for having previously overstayed his tourist visa.

The research is based on interviews with Brazilian immigrants and applies to other nationalities as well, Margolis said. Her findings wil be published in the January issue of the journal Human Organization.

>> read the press release


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