1st of May is Open Access Anthropology Day!

Free access to anthropological knowledge online! On the 1st of May, we’ll celebrate the first Open Access Anthropology Day!

Sara at Sara Anthro Blog has taken the initiative to this event.

She writes:

Anthropologists, in this day, show their support to Open Access Anthropology. Open Access Anthropology is interested in creating open access alternatives to anthropological publications by promoting Open Access Anthropology Journals

I think this is a great idea and I have already started preparing a blog post for this occasion. Maybe all of us should try to blog about Open Access that day or find other ways to promote free access to scholarship?

The difficulties to access Anthropology News articles that are discussed over at Savage Minds are a good illustration for this cause. See also Why should anthropologists care about open access? and A short summary of recent open access news.

Shortly after Sara’s post, the Open Access Anthropology Blog announced the Open Access Week 19-23 October 2009

UPDATE: Sara made a list of things you can do to promote Open Access Anthropology


Comment from: Sara [Visitor]  

Thank you Lorenz for announcing “Open Access Anthropology Day". It would be great that anthropologists over their blogs write a post about Open Access Anthropology…Looking forward to read your post at that day.

2009-04-25 @ 08:38
Comment from: Kerim Friedman [Visitor]
Kerim Friedman

Sara is now blogging for Open Access Anthropology!

2009-04-29 @ 05:10

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