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(updated) Server upgrade issues about to be solved

My hosting provider has moved antropologi.info to a new, faster and much better server (with php 5) last night, but this also means that some parts of the website no longer work as they should.

Links from some rss feed readers are broken (visit the front page instead) and the popular overview of anthropology blogs at http://www.antropologi.info/blog/ no longer works either (visit the overview at http://www.antropologi.info/feeds/anthropology instead).

I’ll try to fix this during the weekend.

I might upgrade the whole blog application which means that the layout might change a little bit as well (due to compatibility issues).

UPDATE:: In case you have problems with the rss-feed use the atom-feed http://www.antropologi.info/blog/anthropology/anthropology.php?tempskin=_atom

UPDATE 26.5.09 The new anthropology newspaper blogroll is online http://www.antropologi.info/blog/ I hope everything works now, otherwise I’ve found some alternatives. The “recent news” are back as well, the rss-links seem to work again, and within the next week, I’ll upgrade the whole blog application to the newest version

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