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Savage Minds

Allegra - A virtual lab of legal anthropology



New Books in Anthropology

Leiden Anthropology Blog

Anthropology Report

Culture Matters

Global Voices

Material World

Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC)

American Anthropological Association

Raving Anthropology - Drug use, harm reduction and EDM culture

The Biocultural Evolution Blog

Living Anthropologically

Cognition and Culture


Thomas Hylland Eriksens blog

Sindre Bangstad

Access Denied

Anthropology Now

Sarah Kendzior

Paul Stoller - Huffington Post

Coming To Age

The City as a River - an Anthropologist´s take on Urban India

Life with little feet

Transformations - Engaged Anthropology

Anthropology While White

Notes from the Ethnoground

UCL Social Networking Sites & Social Science Research Project


Life and the Andes

Closer - Anthropology of Moroccan-Dutch Muslims in the Netherlands

Tabsir - Insight on Islam and the Middle East

The Memory Bank by Keith Hart

The Human Economy Blog

Alma Gottlieb

Centre for Imaginative Ethnography


The Naked Anthropologist

Dynamic Relations

Arctic anthropology


Visual Ethnography

Anthro - Religion - Media


Food Anthropology

Connected in Cairo

The Anthropologist in the Stacks

Struggle Forever - A Guide to Utopia

The Subversive Archaeologist

Fieldnotes and Footnotes

Sandworms - Thoughts from a free-range environmental anthropologist

Erin B. Taylor - Material culture, mobile banking and socioeconomic development

The Superorganic

Aidnography - Development as anthropological object

The Geek Anthropologist

Processing Culture. Activism in Russia

Anthropology at home

The Immanent Frame


A simple pleasure for poetry

Discard Studies

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Language Log

How to be an Anthropologist

philbu-s blog

Erkan-s Field Diary

Open Anthropology Corporative

Jason Baird Jackson

Museum Anthropology

Podcasts from the SfAA

Recontextual - Expressive culture in new formations

This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology & Economics

Ethnography Matters


Culture and International Affairs - William Beeman

Anthropological Observations

Visual Anthropology of Japan

Black Girl Ethnography


the maile vine - Native feminist futures of the Pacific

Urban Fieldnotes

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