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Online: New book on the cultural significance of Free Software

How has Free Software transformed not only software, but also music, film, science, and education? Anthropologist and Savage Minds blogger Christopher M. Kelty explores this question in his new book "Two bits" that now is "available for purchase, for do… more »


Ethnographic study: Social network sites are "virtual campfires"

After five years participant observation, anthropologist Jenny Ryan has published her masters' thesis about the social network sites Facebook, My Space and She created a beautiful web version of her thesis at… more »


Anthropology blogs more interesting than journals?

Have anthropology journals ignored students? Is this one of the reasons for the popularity of anthropology blogs? Anthropology journals are not well known among students, Owen Wiltshire writes in his class assignment Why do anthropologists blog? A mini… more »


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Via YouTube: Anthropology students' work draws more than a million viewers

Many assignments go no farther than between the student completing it and the professor grading it. But assignments in Michael Wesch's anthropology classes at Kansas State University have been seen around the world and by as many as 1.5 million other peo… more »

Another way of doing fieldwork: Developing websites with your informants!

Indigenous communities have embraced the internet from early on. The website of the Oneida Indian Nation was set up before the website for the White House. Anthropologist Maximilian C. Forte has developped several websites in collaboration with indigenou… more »


Plans to study anthropological online communities and Open Access movement

Anthropology of anthropology: How do anthropologists form online communities? How are open access publishing and other developments that have sprung up online changing community boundaries? Soon, an anthropologist will do fieldwork among us online anthro… more »


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Anthropological research: Online dating as disappointing as the real-life dating scene

Sounds familiar: People on online dating sites are experiencing frustration because it does seem that the internet in many ways is just the same old bar scene. This is one of the findings of research by anthropologist Susan E. Frohlick. She is conductin… more »


Now open access to 39 years of the journal Folklore Forum

Folklore Forum, a journal that is produced by graduate students at the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department of Indiana University, has gone Open Access. From now on, 39 years of scholarship, debate, and exchange of ideas are freely accessible for ever… more »

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