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Plans to study anthropological online communities and Open Access movement

Anthropology of anthropology: How do anthropologists form online communities? How are open access publishing and other developments that have sprung up online changing community boundaries? Soon, an anthropologist will do fieldwork among us online anthro… more »


Museum Anthropology Review goes open access

This morning, the journal Museum Anthropology Review was launched as an open access journal. The content that was published during 2007 (the journal's first year) is now available in both HTML and PDF format - free for all readers all over the world.… more »


(updated) Danah Boyd on Open Access: "Boycott locked-down journals"

"This is the last article that I will publish to which the public cannot get access. I am boycotting locked-down journals and I'd like to ask other academics to do the same", writes Danah Boyd on her blog: On one hand, I'm excited to announce that my… more »


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Military spies invade anthropology conferences?

The U.S. military is not only interested in employing anthropologists. Now, they have started attending anthropology conferences. Anthropologist Caroline Osella from the University in London and one of the editors of Social Mobility In Kerala, is worried… more »

(updated) Anthropology News February about Open Access Anthropology

"The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is starting to remind me of the recording industry and their rearguard actions against file-sharing and online dissemination in general", Eric Kansa commented one year ago. I was reminded on this commen… more »

20/01/08 - The Open Access Search Engine

How can I find research papers and theses that are freely available? ScienceCommons is a search engine and portal that is still in beta but now lists 893 repositories (according to Peter Suber at Open Access News). A search for anthropology gives more th… more »


Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth has started blogging

Not even more and more anthropologists are blogging. Now, even anthropology organisations have discovered the internet. A few days ago, ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth) has launched their blog "aimed at providing a n… more »


Final report launched: AAA no longer opposes collaboration with CIA and the military

(post in progress) The American Anthropological Association (AAA) sounds quite diplomatic in its final report on the growing ties between the military and anthropology. The report was released yesterday at the annual AAA meeting and says: There is no… more »

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