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The Anthropology of Wrestling

How do you study wrestling as an anthropologist? By becoming a wrestler yourself! Heather Levi's book The World of Lucha Libre: Secrets, Revelations, and Mexican National Identity is featured in the new issue of American Ethnography on Lucha libre - Mexi… more »


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Book review: How the Ganges boatmen resist upper-caste and state domination

Caste, Occupation and Politics on the Ganges is the title of a new book by anthropologist Assa Doron that Tessa Valo reviews here for It is a book about the life of a marginalized group of people in India - the boatmen at the river Gang… more »


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Fieldwork among homeless heroin and crack users - new book by Philippe Bourgois

"In Search of Respect. Selling Crack in El Barrio" is one of my favorite ethnographies. Now, Philippe Bourgois, is out with a new book. In “Righteous Dopefiend", he looks at the clients of the dealers, the University paper Penn Current reports. The pa… more »


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Book review: How neoliberalism reshapes motherhood in Calcutta

How do middle-class women in Calcutta understand and experience economic change? What impact is globalization having on the new middle-classes in Asia? Our reviewer Tessa Valo has again been lucky with her choice of books. For, she revie… more »


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Mahmood Mamdani: "Western concern for Darfur = Neocolonialism"

300 000 people have been killed and 2.5 million been made refugees in the war in Darfur. In his new book, anthropologist Mahmood Mamdani describes the Save Darfur campaign as representing a refracted version of the moral logic of the "War on Terror" with… more »


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Book Review: How Indissoluble is Hindu Marriage?

Divorce does not belong to Hindu tradition, anthropologist Livia Holden was told when she started her research in India 14 years ago. But is this true? Tessa Valo reviews for Holden’s new book Hindu Divorce. A Legal Anthropology. Ant… more »


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Anthropologist Explores Wall Street Culture

40,000 AT&T workers lost their job. This sounds like terrible news. But the stock market applauded it, sending AT&T shares up. Why? Anthropologist Karen Ho was fascinated and confused by the different reactions and wrote her dissertation about it… more »


How electricity changes daily life in Zanzibar - Interview with anthropologist Tanja Winther

How does everyday life change when electricity becomes available to people in a village in Zanzibar, East Africa, for the first time? Anthropologist Tanja Winther answers this question in her new book The Impact of Electricity. Development, Desires and D… more »

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