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On holiday until 8.1.08

I'm off to Portugal for two weeks. Unfortunately I haven't had time to update the blog recently. Happy holidays and see you next year! more »


Already lots of publications in the open access anthropology repository Mana'o

MANAO - new Open Access repository for anthropology was announced for the first time not more than two months ago. Now, already 82 publications can be read and downloaded - both theses, conference papers, monographs and book chapters - including the pape… more »


Circumcision: "Harmful practice claim has been exaggerated" - AAA meeting part IV

Is female circumcision violence against women or a feminist act? Are critics of this practice guilty of cultural imperialism? Those questions were debated at the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting in Washington - among others by Africa… more »

New media and anthropology - AAA meeting part III

While new media can foster participatory ethnography and enhance access, one also has to reflect on the implications of the Internet’s openness and availability. This was one of the lessons of a session at the annual meeting of the American Anthropologic… more »


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"The insecure American needs help by anthropologists" - AAA-meeting part II

(Photo: Dean Terry, flickr, from the film Subdivided, see below) The annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association received more media attention than usual. One important topic was the relationship between anthropology and the military as… more »


Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth has started blogging

Not even more and more anthropologists are blogging. Now, even anthropology organisations have discovered the internet. A few days ago, ASA (Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth) has launched their blog "aimed at providing a n… more »


Now open access to 39 years of the journal Folklore Forum

Folklore Forum, a journal that is produced by graduate students at the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Department of Indiana University, has gone Open Access. From now on, 39 years of scholarship, debate, and exchange of ideas are freely accessible for ever… more »


"Take care of the different national traditions of anthropology"

In attempts to globalize anthropology, it is a good thing to translate into Chinese textbooks such as William Haviland’s Anthropology, but it is also desirable to hold on to what is distinctive in local disciplinary history, Chris Hann suggests in Anthro… more »


Final report launched: AAA no longer opposes collaboration with CIA and the military

(post in progress) The American Anthropological Association (AAA) sounds quite diplomatic in its final report on the growing ties between the military and anthropology. The report was released yesterday at the annual AAA meeting and says: There is no… more »


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"Study how and why people wear denim around the world!"

The majority of the world’s population is wearing just one textile – denim. Why? On the Material World blog, anthropologist Daniel Miller announced the Global Denim Project. This scheme, he writes, is designed to bring together an increasing number of p… more »


An anthropologist on sex, love and AIDS in a university campus in South Africa

"It has sometimes been difficult persuading the girls to do interviews about love and sex with a white, foreign male researcher", anthropologist Bjarke Oxlund says in an interview with OhMyNews. Oxlund traveled to South Africa in 2006 and 2007 to conduct… more »

16/11/07 Open access to Swedish university papers

Swedish universities have launched a new website which gives access to several thousands University papers: Every year tens of thousands of Swedish university students spend many million hours researching and writing their final theses.… more »


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"You can't understand America without understanding the world"

Nice interview with anthropologist Alan Klima in University paper The California Aggie about anthropology in general. For example the anthropologist's answer to the question how he became interested in anthropology: I was always interested in soci… more »

How anthropological research can reduce the paper usage in offices

Another example of anthropologists in product development: As a consequence of anthropological research, Xerox is developing a new kind of paper where the printed information simply disappears within about 16 hours, allowing the paper to be reused. W… more »
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Dissertation: Imam's influence on Muslims overestimated

Participants in the debate on Islam often overestimate the authority and influence of imams. The role of the imam is especially limited when it comes to so-called "second and third generation immigrants". This is the conclusion reached by anthropologist… more »


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American Anthropological Association opposes collaboration with the military - Bloggers react

A few days ago, the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) decided to oppose the embedding of anthropologists in military teams (HTS) in Iraq and Afghanistan. The use of anthropological knowledge in the U.S. military and the m… more »

Urban anthropologist: "Recognize that people want to come to the big cities"

More and more people live in mega cities. Rather than fixating on investing in the countryside, donor agencies need to recognize that people want to come to the big cities. And rather than demolishing squatter developments one should integrate these sel… more »

Who are the people keeping the Jewish traditions alive in Cuba?

The Ann Arbor News (Michigan) interviews anthropologist Ruth Behar who has written a new book about Jewish life in Cuba. The island's tiny Jewish community is among the most diverse in the world. "An Island Called Home: Returning to Jewish Cuba" offe… more »

First issue of open access journal "After Culture" is online

The first issue of "After Culture - Emergent Anthropologies" that was planned for release in September 2006 has finally been published, Savage Minds reports. The journal is edited by anthropologist Matthew Wolf-Meyer . In his editorial he explains tha… more »


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Study: Anti-immigration steps are doing the opposite of what they intend to do

Restrictions to keep immigrants from entering the United States are having the effect of encouraging those who are already here to stay by any means necessary, a study by anthropologist Maxine L. Margolis finds. “The restrictions are doing exactly th… more »


New journal: "Radical Anthropology" with David Graeber

David Graeber is one of the authors in a new journal called Radical Anthropology. The journal is available for free. You can download it as pdf-file. The journal follows Graebers vision of anthropology as an “intellectual forum for all sorts of planetar… more »

Kosher cell phones, kosher bus routes and kosher clothing: Israel's Ultra-Orthodox economy

For Jews, not only food needs to be kosher, the New York Times explains in an interesting article about Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox. There are even kosher mobile phones. You cannot send text messages with them, take photographs or connect to the Internet… more »


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New blog: "Open Anthropology" by Maximilian C. Forte

Another new blog: Anthropologist Maximilian C. Forte has recently launched the blog Open Anthropology - "a project of decolonization, growing out of a discipline with a long history and a deep epistemological connection to colonialism": OPEN ANTHROPOL… more »


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"Arabs and Muslims should be wary of anthropologists"

News of anthropologists in the US. military starts circulating on one of the largest Muslim websites, Culture Matters reports. Anthropologist Donald Abdallah Cole says to that "Arabs and Muslims should be wary of western anthropologists"… more »


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New fieldwork blog: Struggling with antipathy for the field and "anthropology-fed-up-ness"

Norwegian anthropologist Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme has started blogging. He is currently on fieldwork in the Philippines among the Pentecostal Christians in Ifugao. In his first two posts of his blog Jon Henrik in Ifugao, he describes parts of the fi… more »


Now online: Up to 100 year old anthropology papers

(via Museum Anthropology) More and more open access to anthropology online: The American Museum of Natural History has digitalized their up to 100 year old Anthropological Papers and put them online. We find both more recent papers like Green revolu… more »
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AfricaWrites - Videos from rural Africa

Patrick Gorham, editor of AfricaWrites: Heroes, Rituals & Legends writes to me. He created AfricaWrites several years ago "with the intent and goals of research, exploration, preservation and documentation of traditional African culture". On the webs… more »

Anthropologist calls for a greater appreciation of child labor

There are many campaigns against child labour. But anthropologist Thomas Offit also views child labour as a chance for children to improve and take control of their lives. In an interview with The Lariat Online (Baylor University) he criticizes ethnocent… more »
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Anthropologist examines influence of robots in Japan

At home, robots are about to replace the role of the grandmother and in the industrial sector, robots are more popular than foreign laborers according to anthropologist Jennifer Robertson. Robertson is researching on the effects of robots on Japanese soc… more »


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12 new interviews about cosmopolitanism, islam, modernity, street culture...

In case you're wondering why this blog sometimes has not been updated for several days: One reason might be my job as a webjournalist for the research program Cultural Complexity in the New Norway (CULCOM). Now, several of my interviews and summaries… more »

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